Disaggregated wireless backhaul router



The IP-50FX wireless backhaul router combines a cell site router with radio-aware features that support the IP-50C and IP-50E radios, as well as any Ethernet-connected radio or fiber. Its high switching capacity and wide port density make it an excellent fit for any cell site or aggregation site that requires ultra-high capacity, multi-directional functionality, and switching/routing capabilities.

The IP 50FX utilizes radio-aware networking capabilities, such as layer-1 carrier bonding over Ethernet, SyncE, 1588-TC/BC and ETH-BN. This enables the router to serve as a revolutionary solution for any multi-carrier requirement – you can create a high-capacity trunk with any outdoor radio connected via Ethernet. The IP-50FX leverages software and hardware disaggregation to create an ultra-scalable platform. You can increase capacity and interfaces by simply choosing another hardware variant while keeping all software functionality and product look & feel intact

When multi-carrier configuration calls for more than four carriers, with layer-1 carrier bonding for best utilization of the spectral resources, the IP-50FX is your answer. The wireless backhaul router can connect to any combination of Ethernet-connected radio 8+0 constellation and act as an indoor unit, performing layer-1 carrier bonding.